An otter insurgency

Over the years we have had various attempts by otters to break out of the sanctuary, but this year we had our first break in. A young otter appeared in the sanctuary garden hanging around the otter pens trying to get to their supply of fish. We soon discovered that he had made a holt for himself under the decking at the back of the garden. So we stepped up the security on the pens as otters are the most amazing burglars, and started tempting him out of the sanctuary with some fish to discourage him from harassing our resident otters. The trouble was that all he did was drag the fish back into the garden. We think this is one of two young otters brought up near the sanctuary who have been abandoned by their mother, as happens when they reach about a year in age. This one has obviously figured out that there are otters here that get a regular delivery of whitefish and he would like a share. Hopefully as inshore fish become more abundant he will start hunting for himself in the wild.

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