Sinclair arrives

After our unexpected call out to rescue Sam in Scalloway on Tuesday, we were surprised to receive another call out on Wednesday night after Steven Jamieson found a seal crossing the road and heading into a field beside his house at Leebitton, in Sandwick, as he was about to head off for football practice. It was already evening, but Steven was kind enough to lift the seal and meet us halfway to Hillswick at the Gott turnoff car park to hand it over. Sinclair the seal looked a reasonable size pup, but had clearly been in the wars. She has a serious ulcer in her right eye, and her left eye looks slightly damaged as well, but the most unusual thing was her alopecia, a loss of fur in different parts of her body, especially her head and belly. Unless she was born this way, it can be a sign of malnourishment, and she is certainly underweight for her age, which could be anything up to two months. We immediately rehydrated her with formula milk and Lectade, gave her two small pieces of herring with antibiotics and washed her eyes with saline solution. We’ve ordered special eye ointment for the ulcer, which is quite deep and with a few weeks of TLC we hope to release her and Sam back into the wild. Thanks again Steven, and a special thanks to Grayson Morgan-Goodlad for the filming. Just as we thought things were calming down, we’re back at square one with two very poorly late season grey seal pups…bless ’em.


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