charlie arrives

Life is always full of surprises at Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. On Saturday we received a call from Elizabeth Christie who had found a baby otter crying on the roadside at Billister in North Nesting while she was visiting an elderly woman who lives there. The otter had clearly lost its mother and was frantically running around, and ended up under her car. While we were en route to collect him, she managed to get him into a box and he was waiting in the porch when we arrived. He was very dehydrated and hypothermia was setting in, so we took him straight back to the sanctuary, warmed him up with a hot water bottle and a blanket and eventually managed to get him to suck some milk. It was obvious that he had started to shut down and certainly would not have lasted the night with the weather in Shetland at the moment, so thank you Elizabeth for saving his life. After his first feed he had a long sleep, and we were up at 3am feeding him this morning when he did start to show a little more interest in the bottle. By late morning he was a different otter and was really excited to grab hold of the teat and have a good suck. He’s very young, only a few weeks old so it will be some time before he can have solid food. We can’t say he’s out of the woods yet, but he’s certainly in better shape than he was yesterday. Come on Charlie, you can do it!

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