Bobo getting stronger

Bobo is eating well, but has lost an important lower canine tooth.

It felt like a miracle. Just one week after Bobo arrived at the sanctuary with the most horrendous face wound it had completely healed, just leaving a small patch on his left side where the fur had to grow back. When we had moved him outside just three days earlier, the wound was still wide open.

His thirst had also eased and we were able to gradually move him from fillets onto whole fish as his strength started to return. It must have been the fresh air that made all the difference, and the incredible healing powers of nature.

However as he tucked into his fish ever more voraciously we noticed more lasting damage. He had lost one of his canine teeth, the lower one on the right side where the wound was. These are important teeth, so we hope it won’t hinder his chances of survival in the wild.

But as his strength returned the day was getting closer when he would have to go back where he belonged and fend for himself.

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