Burgess – an otter fae da toon

Burgess the otter cub enjoying his bottle.

They say everything happens in threes – well our third otter arrived in mid November. This young cub of around three months wandered into Lisa Johnson’s porch in Lerwick early one morning, having lost (or been abandoned by) his mum in the recent storms.¬†Once she was over the shock of having an otter in her house, Lisa managed to put him in a cage until we arrived to collect him. She called him Burgess after Burgess Crescent, where she lives.

He quickly got the hang of drinking from a bottle and had a voracious appetite from the start, which is always a very good sign. We could tell how much he was enjoying meal times by the way he stretched his paws while he was feeding. He was drinking a half bottle of kitten milk formula every day, which meant it wouldn’t be long before he could move onto fish soup. In the wild he would have still been being fed by his mum.

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary relies entirely on donations for the work we do. If you would like to help Burgess, you can do so at https://www.hillswickwildlifesanctuar… Thankyou!


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