Feeding Mimi & Rommy fish soup

(Photo: Barry Broadbent)

The big news is that Rommy & Mimi are now getting fish soup instead of MultiMilk formula, as that brand has now been discontinued, much to our frustration.

This adds hours of work filleting herring and then blending it into a porridge, which is then mixed with rehydration fluid with vitamins and minerals to give our young pups the nourishment they need to thrive. We’ll have to carry on tubing them like this for the next couple of weeks before we start introducing small pieces of fish to their diet and gradually move them on to whole herring.

Below is a video of David learning to tube the seals. He’s been staying with us, working on the seal unit and is a natural with the animals. It’s great to have someone else here who knows how to do this.

Rommy remains the more placid of the two seals, while Mimi puts up more of a fight when she feeds. She is very much the dominant female, but as they spend more time together outside in the garden during the day, they end up sucking on each other as a comfort – each seal being a surrogate mum to the other.

Our appeal is moving closer to our 350 target for Friday night with just 15 pledges to go. Thanks to all the folk that have pledged so far. Things are going well, we just need to keep pushing to reach that goal to release the £300,000 from the oil industry and the council – so please keep sharing and pledging. We’re feeling really positive we’ll make it.


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