Go Bobo Go!

Seven weeks after he was brought in to the sanctuary unconscious on a tray by Davy and Kyle Henderson from Mossbank, we were able to watch Bobo the otter run back towards the sea to start a new life back in the wild. When he came to Hillswick, Bobo was emaciated and had the worst injuries we had ever seen; we doubted he would survive the night. But thanks to the compassion of Kyle and Davy, a slow release antibiotic injection from Colin at Shetland Vets, and plenty of fluids and fish, he was able to make a slow but steady and eventually a complete recovery. It was an absolute delight to open the door on his hutch and watch him take off at full speed down the hill towards the coast where he would hopefully be able to support himself and live out a long life.

Two weeks later local photographer Roger Thomason posted a photo of an otter curled up on ropes not far from where we released him. We had no doubt that it was Bobo – what a joy to know that he was now managing to cope on his own.

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