Sam arrives

We received a call yesterday afternoon from Michelle Main and Vicky Smith fae Aith who had spotted a young grey seal pup in trouble on the rocks at Bain’s Beach in Scalloway. It took a couple of hours for us to get there, but Michelle and Vicky were good enough to stay and keep an eye on the wee fellow until we arrived. He was lying on a pile of bruck – in fact the whole coastline is in need of a good redd up – and it was immediately obvious that he was needing help. He was far too thin and quite weak, an end of season pup who clearly had not been well fed by his mother and probably has been having a hard time in the recent storms. When we got him back to the sanctuary we saw that he was quite dehydrated with a runny nose and gungy eyes. So we rehydrated him with Lectade straight away, put a heater beside him to keep him warm and left him peacefully sleeping off his ordeal. Welcome to Hillswick, Sam. And a huge thank you to Michelle and Vicky for the seal vigil. You probably saved his life.

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