Mayhem – a grey seal pup from Maywick

Mayhem the grey seal pup found on Maywick beach.

Our first grey seal from Shetland arrived at the sanctuary on 18 November. He was found by our friend JJ Jamieson when he was out walking with visitors on Maywick beach. JJ became concerned when the seal started following them and gave us a call, so we asked our friend and ally Helen Moncrieff to take a look and see if she thought the seal needed to be brought in.

Helen did not hesitate; she went straight to the scene and as soon as she saw this half-moulted pup she knew it needed help. So she caught it and drove it all the way to Hillswick in her van, arriving after dark.

On arrival we found out he was a male, and as Helen found him on Maywick beach in the south mainland, she decided to call him Mayhem – a dangerous name if ever there was one! He seemed in good enough condition though, just too thin for one so far on with the moult. That is why he needed to be at the sanctuary until he’s strong and fat enough for the wild.

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