Oskar meets Tivacudda – Part Three

At last Oskar and Tivacudda came face to face and what an absolute joy it was to see how excited they were to finally meet each other. As soon as we uncaged them, it was as if they had known each other all their lives. There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation as Oskar leapt out of his cage and headed straight for her’s. He then explored her box, and then ran into the pipe, with her right on his tail. After that he marked her pen with his scent making it his territory too, an act which immediately aroused Tivacudda’s interest. Then they raced into the pen next door and we managed to catch a few seconds of them having a good old rough and tumble together…after which we just left them to it. Love at first sight!

We make these videos because until we get our new viewing area, we cannot show people the otters at the sanctuary. We hope you enjoy them.

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