Rescuing Wilfreda

Wilfreda on the rocks at Levenwick.

Our loyal supporter Chris Atkins was walking on Levenwick beach with his dog Wilf in December when they came across this grey seal pup on the rocks. Chris had never seen a seal on this part of the beach before and when it did not move even when he approached it, he was convinced it needed help. He called Helen Moncrieff at the RSPB in Sumburgh and between them they managed to catch it and put it in a fish box, and we met them at the Black Gaet to collect and it and bring it back to the sanctuary in Hillswick.

This was one exhausted seal in need of a good rest. We decided it was plump and healthy, so w would let it lay up for a few days to make sure it was OK before releasing it back into the wild.

We also discovered it was female, so she’s been called Wilfreda after the dog that found her in the first place. What a handsome pup!

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