Second common seal Mimi arrives from St Ninian’s

It’s been an exciting week with our first two common seals of the season coming in…and Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary reaching its latest target of 300 pledges to secure its future – just 197 to go now!

Our second common seal Mimi was found at 9.15am on Sunday morning by Heidi Andrews from Bigton and the two pointers she regularly takes for a walk on St Ninian’s Isle beach. There was no sign of a mother all day so we headed down to the south end of Shetland to collect her in the afternoon. It took a moment to find her as she had discovered a good hiding place in the rocks, and when we did we noticed she had a sore eye and a mouth full of sand. She seemed pretty dehydrated too, so we tubed her with Lectade rehydration fluid there and then on the beach before bringing her back to Hillswick, where she is making a strong recovery.

The waves were crashing on the beach with this incessant wind we’ve been having in Shetland. These are the sort of conditions when it’s easy for seal pups to become separated from their mothers, so please keep an eye out for any abandoned common seals.

And the appeal goes on thanks to all you good people so kindly sharing our appeal page at – now we’re well past the halfway stage we are growing in confidence that we can reach the 500 pledges we need to secure the funding from the oil industry and the council.

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