Sinclair and Sam unwell

Sad times at Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. Our two late season grey seal pups are struggling. Sam and Sinclair were both pretty poorly when they first came in two weeks ago. Initially they lifted, probably because we put them straight on a course of antibiotics, however within two days of the course ending they both went rapidly downhill, so we had to start another course immediately. At the start Sam had very bad tummy trouble, was under weight, dehydrated and generally seemed under the weather. Sinclair was very run down, dehydrated, badly under weight, with a strange loss of fur and an ulcer in the eye. A couple of days ago she began coughing and started bringing up blood and we quickly realised she must also have a bad case of lung worm, which can often get a hold of young seals in poor condition. So as well as the antibiotics, she is now being treated for lungworm, and both are being rehydrated twice a day. Sam is beginning to pick up somewhat and her tummy seems to be settling, but Sinclair is still very flat and listless. It is nearly always a rollercoaster ride with end of season pups who have not been coping in the wild. You no sooner get one problem sorted out before another one appears. As they say in Shetland, they’re a pair of poor bodies, but we’re doing all we can to help them through this difficult patch. Fingers crossed.

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