Wilfreda’s flippers

After three days resting up indoors, Wilfreda the grey seal pup from Levenwick was getting cabin fever and needed to go outside. So on a very windy Saturday afternoon with the help of Richard and Alison Riley, we introduced her to Loki in the outdoor pool. At first he seemed a bit put out at the invasion of his space, but by the afternoon he was tolerating her presence.

Within a few days we realised that Wilfreda had a serious problem with her rear flippers. The did not seem to able to move them, and it seemed to be a genetic problem rather than an injury. She was managing to hold her own with Loki though and not letting him steal all the fish, but she hadn’t quite got the hang of swallowing fish whole, so we were pushing fish pieces down her throat in the morning when we emptied the pool to clean it. We’ll have to see how this situation develops.

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