We love the work we do, but we need your help to do it. However small, every donation counts. If you would like to make a donation to Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, it is quite easy to do.

Here’s how…and Thank You from us all.

Donate online:

One-off donations

The easiest way to give a donation to Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary is online.
Alternatively you can call us directly on 01806 503348, or you can post a cheque to:

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary

Regular donations

You might prefer to give a smaller amount, on a regular basis.

Regular donations are a very valuable way to support our work; knowing that we have a certain amount of funds coming in each month makes it easier to plan and budget for our longer term future.

Account Name: Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary
Account Number: 30241156
Sort Code: 82-66-08

How your donation will help:

  • £10-50

    a week to feed an otter

  • £10-£30

    to transport a seal to the sanctuary

  • £100-£200

    a month to pay for electricity for the sanctuary

  • £10-£100

    to take a sick or injured creature to the vet