We take volunteers from all over the world between May and September to help with the upkeep of the sanctuary.

Much of the work involves helping to maintain the property, which is based in a historic building on the seafront with extensive gardens where we grow our own vegetables.

Occasionally groups of volunteers, young and old, come to help out at the sanctuary when there is a job to be done that needs a lot of people.

For Health and Safety reasons, we are not able to let volunteers work directly with the animals as they are dangerous, but there can be jobs cleaning and tidying up in the animal enclosures.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch by phoning 01806 503348 or email us at info@www.hillswickwildlifesanctuary.org and we will arrange to have a chat with you about availability and what is involved.

We love the work we do, but without your help we could not do it. If you feel called to support the sanctuary, please click below. Thankyou.